Some surprising vibes from the depths of Underground Hip-Hop have emerged from the city of Brasov. From DAVE of the group ADVERSUS. This song is blooming of dark atmospheric beats and a flow that bursts of creativity in the way the lyrics are composed and put on display in a style that we recognize and love to hear.

Personally I’m impressed that music like this is still done in a smart way and shows a lot of promise. Would love to hear this live in a dim light atmosphere of a stage and just take it all in. Even as I’m writing about it I cannot stop listening to it.

We encourage you to keep an eye on the man and his projects, as he promises to bring a lot to the stage of underground and challenge the listeners to experience a new form of Hip-Hop.

Now do yourself a favor and listen to it now! Don’t forge to check the other songs, like/subscribe their Facebook and Youtube page.