☀ ” Sons of Gaia Started out as a free people’s gathering. Along with this ideea, four years passed since the first edition took place and we grow since there with it. This year along with the new location we are excited to welcome new energies to guide us our way throughout the fourth chapter of our magic story. We believe that always pushing forward our limits, growing and learning from eachother is a new way to continue to improve ourselves. ”

☀ ” This year, along with the festival we are heading up to new adventures and new experiences, so here we are, trying to offer you a glimpse of what Sons of Gaia really means through out a series of promo parties in the most beautiful cityes of our country. We bring with us good vibes and energies, powerful music, enchanted deco, wicked visuals and a drop of freedom for everybody that likes to dance their shoes off. So, with this said, you know what to expect, an awesome adventure that is for you only to discover, a journey from I to us , from singularity to oneness. ”

☀Trans Humantza [B]

☀Darkology [B] [MfG Tribe] [Sons Of Gaia]

☀Septronik [BV] [Collective Minds][Sons Of Gaia]

☀Azthura [BV] [Sons Of Gaia]

☀Option Zer0 [TM] [Sons Of Gaia]

☀Visual Mapping by TRIFOI


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