I have to admit that I’m going to techno parties for quite some time an I realised a few facts about the party-goers, that there are three types of them: the understanders, the feelers and the posers. These types are also valid for, basically, any other musical genre indeed, but there no elsewhere more… vivid, I’d say as they are at the techno raves. Why is that? Well, let’s find out.


The Understanders

First things first, I would say that I consider myself one of them. That’s because these are the people that are not only into a single musical genre. These are the people that are trying, least said, to understand music. Understand sound at it’s finest. For them, probably, techno it’s just like an abstract painting by Picasso – minimising the whole point to the simplest form of expression. On a regular basis, you can find amongst them DJs, producers, music promoters,  journalists… maybe visual artists. Those kind of people that are into art, expression and other types of left-sided brainiacs.


The Feelers

Oh well, the feelers are those kind of people who are probably on something, but not necessarily. They’re more into one direction of music, not solely a musical genre, but you wouldn’t see those guys at a hip-hop concert rather than at a goa rave or a reggae/dub festival. These are the people who dance their shit off, eyes closet, feeling the music with their ears, mind, soul and almost any other part of their bodies. Including their genitals, probably.


The posers

These are the least pleasant ones. They are wherever everybody is. They go tot the techno events because they either like the substances, they find it cool or, in case of dudes, they like the “classy” girls out there. These guys are usually the ephemeral ones. As long as techno is not going to be a trend anymore, they’re gone to… whatever will be cool, taking selfies and posting tons of shit on their social media accounts. Actually this kind of attenders should be the most irrelevant ones to music producers or event organisers. They will only attend events where are playing high-rated DJs or where are also attending another 1k+ people. But just for a period of time. Then, they’ll be gone.


So, in the end, I would like to ask for your opinion guys. Have you noticed any other types of techno party-goers and which category do you think that fits you best? Leave your answers in the comment section below!

P.S: I shall leave you down below an awesome techno track I’ve just discovered a few days ago – headphones recommended!