Brasov, 07 February 2017

Monocord, the event agency specialized in electronic music events, has just announced a new event for the summer of 2017. Taking its expertise further, and wanting to sustain local heritage and history, the agency will organize a three day festival in one of the most spectacular locations in Romania: the citadel of Fagaras.

Between history and modernity

Situated in a medieval city, surrounded by beautiful traditions, amazing landscapes and warm people, lies a fortress that was never conquered. Emerged in history, tradition and myth, the citadel of Fagaras is one of Europe’s largest castle and the second most impressive castle from the entire world (according to Hopper1). The citadel was once a military post, a prison (not lacking inventive ways of torture), a place of governing and balls. Its massive walls, 4 towers and the river that surrounds it are filled with authentic stories, traditions and myths. And let’s not forget about the scenery which is unique all year long. One of the main reasons to bring its existence into the attention of young, modern people.

The life of the citadel

The castle has known a glorious time of peace under the rule of Mihai Viteazul, when his wife, Doamna Stanca acknowledged its beauty and threw impressive balls. Monocord intends to bring back that tradition by organizing a summer festival (July 28-30 2017) that combines the authenticity of the place with a modern touch. The festival, appropriately named Murmur (meaning a gentle whisper, both of nature and history), will bring together vibrant electronic, deep house and live music with traditional workshops, local food, authentic customs, decorations and fashion. Local craftsmen will have the chance to bring back their customs and traditions, while the decorations, fashion and projections will be focused around the theme of modern authenticity. All these elements will bring life back again to this beautiful citadel, while offering tourists and locals the chance to enjoy good music, an amazing scenery and an immersion in a beautiful and authentic medieval citadel.

Artists and tickets

Amongst the artists that will give life to this beautiful place are The Kryptonite Sparks, Cred Ca Sunt Extraterestru, Mr. Jurjak, Danaga, Toulouse Lautrec, Satellites, Next Ex, Dex, Baiatu de la parter, Ada Kaleh, Suciu, Charlie, Jay Bliss, Kike Mayor, Viktor Udvari, Mihai Pol, Radu Mirica, Toygun, De La Munte. The tickets are already available at a promotional price (50 ron and 69RON including camping) on Livetickets.

More information about tickets, the entire line-up and the festival’s schedule will be announced on the event’s official facebook page and on its website.