Now, I’ll keep it short, since 1: I know that most of you don’t have the patience to read more than 69 words before getting back to swipping, and 2: less than 500 words is enough to describe this festival. And that ain’t because of the lack ‘entertaining experiences’ this festival has to offer; it’s because the musically invaded entity of that mountain top allows you the freedom to experience good vibes by gifting you the space to breathe-both physically and mentally. Besides a few main acts that pull together half of the festival that genuinely enjoys music, there is no crowd to get lost in. There are no waves of people that might steal your friends and there is no queue at the toilets. The only risk of losing something is your balance, while looking for your tent on the hill after the moonlight goes away. Or, even better, losing the background noise in your head. Careful though, this might produce an imminent danger of letting the voices become louder. But don’t despair. When the beauty of watching the painful number of stars from the door of your tent makes you question too much of this universe, the main stage will probably have some artists from the ‘Subcarpati gang’-how I like to call them- that’ll make you smile like your grandpa when those lyrics reaaaally kicked in, and wave your hands like the millenial you are. That, or a DJ that’ll suddenly make your body move to the beat and eventually jump both out of fun and because of the cold. And this brings me to one of my favourite parts about this festival. The cold and the terrain don’t allow much room for fashion. After 11, you’re the cool kid if you wear a full body panda pijamma, a traditional mask or day clothes from reaaaally having fun.
In the end, this festival keeps me coming every year because of 6 elements that I keep combining differently every year. Mountains, main stage for crowds, Into the Woods stage for chill, an outdoor cinema in the camping valley next to a glowing tree, artistic activities that give me false hope and a physical memory and, most importantly, hammocks close to the stage and bar. Whether I went to party my brains out and meet amazing people or watch movies under stars, stuff myself with traditional food and tell my girlfriend cheesy stuff while trying not to fall on my way to the tent, MOX is the medicine to cure the festival-rush that allowed me to genuinely relax while having fun and proved once more that good music doesn’t come only from ‘oMg I gOotTA SeE HiM’ DJs.
In the end, this festival is like Piadina with Nutella. Something only MOX has (and Piadina). (Don’t you dare compare it to pizza pineapple cause that’s the culinary equivalent of a festival for manele).

P.S. These ‘around-500-words-on-mox-to-go-with-the-pictures’ are the equivalent to that one last guy who yells alone ‘MĂĂĂĂĂ….I..’<- word 499