I’ve been waiting for this year’s edition of Interval 100 since last year when the last one ended. It’s relocation to Cluj-Napoca was a pretty smart move, I’d say. Or was it? Mainly because of the venues, also the awesome view, great service and cool looks. But the people were quite a few, unfortunately.

The venues where Interval was held were /FORM Space and two floors in Cluj Arena. Sadly, though, because people weren’t attending the third floor, the managers of the festival decided on Friday that they should shut it down and turn the second one into a 24 hours party machine.

To me, the festival got me just after I moved to Cluj, which is my wanted place to live since a few years back. Therefore I’ll might be a little subjective regarding that, because during Interval I was still kinda’ celebrating my new location.

Anyhow, let’s just stick to the serious matters.


I attended a lot of sets and “everyone was headlining” but these ones are the those that I’ll remember for ages. So, let’s proceed.

  • Inner

He played a couple of quite groovy sets both in Club Napoca – Room 3 and /FORM. His selection was somewhere in between minimal house and tech house spreading a really good warm vibe #igotdemvibes. I was really pleased that I had the opportunity to listen to him twice. Pour les non connaisseurs, Inner is a Romanian DJ, from Iasi, currently living in Berlin. He is also running the label “Polen”.

  • Miss I

During this edition of Interval, she also played a couple of times in  both rooms of Club Napoca. About her tracklist, I’d rather say that she went through a variety of subgenres of techno crossing through minimal and tech-house. What I actually love about Miss I is her vinyl skill. Miss I is also founder of Misbits – “the best record store in Romania”

  • Cecilio

This guy… I’d say he surprised me, somehow. Because I was used to his online sets and this one was way more “empowered” than I was expecting but in the same time, considering the time he played at (7 AM), there’s no wonder that his music was more active. The sound of his tracklist remembered me  somewhat vague of Green Velvet’s gig at Boiler Room. Speaking of Cecilio, he’s the founder of Slow Life.

  • Varhat

This french guy was another after-party surprise for me. Shame on me, I didn’t know him. But I stayed until the morning to listen to this guy’s set based on his awesome analogue skills.

  • Melodie

His set was as expected: very good, well balanced I’d say. There was a serious matter, though: The people. Or the lack of them, maybe. I felt a divine privilege to have Melodie playing some “good ol’ techno” on an immense Funktion One sound system, but still, that’s a shame guys! You were supposed to be there. Supporting the artist and stuff, you know?!

  • Coki & Mala

Firstly, I was really surprised to see them on the line-up, but then I had it explained by the festival’s managers themselves. Their explanation, in short, was that these guys are bloody legends, connecting those two genres! Which is true, though.

In my opinion, Tuesday night was resembling those good old bass nights at Atelierul de Productie, back in the days when dubstep was quite something in Bucharest’s nightlife.

  • Cosmin TRG

When he came up on stage he teamed up with DJ Deep and they started playing in an awesome b2b set  that actually got the party started. I mean they’ve had a quite an active and pumping tracklist.

  • Octave One

These guys were legendary! They played in a full house /FORM Space and considering the people’s enthusiasm regarding their set, we would rather say that Octave One could’ve been the headliners of the Interval festival. But, hey! Everyone was headlining. About their set I can’t tell you many things but there are a few considerable aspects, like that they played a tech-house LIVE act. And it was amazing!

  • The Model Herne b2b Inner 

‘Cause God knows why The Model didn’t played anymore in /FORM on Friday night, Herne teamed up with Inner and the played some sort of crazy ass uk garage/house/2-step set. To be honest, for me and not only, that was one hell of a good surprise, even though The Model was one of the Interval’s most wanted local DJs.

The sound system

As I said previously in the article, the sound was Funktion One. There were three different systems, one for each venue. Obviously or not, they sounded differently, therefore we’re able to build up a top 3 list based on the sound feeling, as it follows:

  1. /FORM Space sounded, by far, the best. Partly because, being a club, was already fitted with an acoustic treatment, and partly because the banging Funktion One system placed inside the venue. Highly accurate tuned up to give the best out of it, as the sound engineers told us.
  2. Club Napoca’s Room 1 (aka the Second Floor of Cluj Arena)’s sound system was a little smaller than the one in /FORM Space. Although, this venue is less of music-oriented place, rather than a conference room – that means reverb.
  3. Club Napoca’s Room 2 (aka the Third Floor of Cluj Arena) had an even less powerfull Funktion One system. That made this place the “quietest”. Not in terms of volume, as you would probably expect, but due to the lack of people. Being made out of glass and steel led to a pretty strong reverb. Although I loved this place for it’s view over the Somes river and the fact that being smaller, was more intimate.

Bottom line, vibes and down fall

It is with deep sadness we are announcing we’ll be putting a hold on all future Interval projects for an indefinite…

Posted by Interval on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

All in all, I had great times at this year’s edition of Interval. For me, it was a blast. For others it didn’t. The people were quite “meh” about the fact that was pretty empty. But whose fault is that? As I already said, the festival managers shut the third floor down because of that. You think €70.000 in loss for Interval is nothing? You think that only you are disappointed?

Some of them complained that it was way too expensive. But isn’t it expensive to book all these artists, pay for the venues and the sound systems?

Unfortunately, due to these misfortunate happenings, we will probably not have another Interval 100 next year, as the event managers posted on Interval’s official facebook page.

So, in our opinion, if these guys failed, it’s your fault, especially if you haven’t attended the event. Why? Because you were not at the party, because some of your friends weren’t too and because now you’re just posting random, hateful shit on social media. Screw you! You do it better!

Photo Credits: Vlad Cupsa, Vizi, Marius Maris