Last weekend, I’ve attended the Focus Festival in the Sub Arini Park, Sibiu. As you probably know, I love Sibiu. So when I had the opportunity to go again to this wonderful city, I decided to take this chance. I arrived in Sibiu and I slept at Adila’s place. He’s an old friend of mine, who cooks incredibly good, like a chef, I’m ought to say. Therefore, I felt just like home. He also helped me with the pics, ’cause I was too hyped at COMA’s concert so he took some photos while I was moshing.

At a first glance, Focus Festival looked like another in-city festival, which made me quite wary. But as soon as I arrived at the location, everything cleared up. The people who made this festival did a great job. The atmosphere was really warm and cozy,  with lightbulbs hanged all over the place and cute stuff like that.



I really liked the music. The Kryptonite Sparks made everybody dance. They sang “Si golanii beau ceai” which is a total hit. Also Toulouse Lautrec had a pretty good gig, people were in love with thier music. I have to admit that I’m not a great fan, but still… was a nice concert. But the thing that I really love at festivals, and happened this time too, is discovering new artists. So I STRONGLY recommend Palma Hills. These guys are awesome. They sound a lil’ bit like the Arctic Monkeys, but more… groovy, I’d say. Here you go, their video for the song “Undone



Once again, COMA rocked the stage. I mean people went bonkers, there was a mosh pit, a circle pit and COMA’s magical “Wall of Love”, so everybody felt incredibly good. Even I  jumped into the mosh pit. I think I had a teenage rampage or something. Looks like Sibiu loves COMA! Take a look at the video below and convince yourself.



In the end I’m ought to say that Focus Festival was really nice, I liked it even though I wish it would last longer, more than 6 hours of music per day. All in all… see you next year and congrats! That was a good one!