I got to the Airfield a few days before in order to catch up with the festival’s setup and ask a few questions about the stages and flights. One of the improvements that made me happy was that the event managers decided to schedule the lineup in such manor that the artists on the main stage won’t play in the same time with the hip-hop stage.

That was an issue at the previous editions of the festival, because those two stage are quite close one to each other and the music was overlapping and the effect was horrifying. Therefore this is a big thumb up for Airfield. Speaking of improvements and big-ups, I would say that I ate at Time In’s van. Their wraps totally nailed my hunger.

I went to Airfield with a series of must-see names in my head like Looptroop Rockers, Afu-Ra, Gorgon City, Dope DOD, Macanache, Adriatique and Oxia. But I also had some kind of surprises, I’d rather say. And I mean really pleasant ones. Therefore a few of the artists that I would totally recommend after seeing their gigs at Airfield would be L’Enterloop, Dreadsquad, Gyx b2b Ciprian Popa, Toygun and, for sure, Phlo Da Shaolin. Even though I was personally knew Toygun, Ciprian Popa, Gyx and Phlo, I’d say that their sets were amazing. Ciprian Popa and Gyx made quite an impressive tunes selections and they played mid-day on Friday.

Speaking of Friday… I think it was my 120 bpm mainly night. That was because, except Afu-Ra, I spent all of my time at the Peacock Stage aka the aerodrome’s hangar listening to Toygun, Oxia and, of course, Mihai Popoviciu.

On Saturday night, the great names of the lineup rised. I started the evening with my all-time favourite hip-hop band: Dope DOD. I am afraid I won’t have words to describe their show, but I’ll do my best: Explosive, Immersive, and they were really in touch with their fans. Then I moved out to the Nightowl stage, as in the Main Stage, in order to watch Gorgon City’s set which lasted for 3 hours and it was absolutely amazing. The guy had really cool visuals. But speaking of stage setup… I loved the way the Nightowl Stage sounded.

Regarding sound, though and without trying to be rude, but the Peacock Stage didn’t sound as good as expected considering that the sound system was VOID Acoustics. But before you start either whining about how right I am and how pathetic the sound was, or that I am completely wrong and I am just a hater, consider the fact that I tried to ignore the reverb caused by the shape of the hangar. To be completely honest, the best audio experience you could of have was just a step further after the entrance. In that specific spot, it sounded extraordinary.

Saturday night ended with Adriatique. Or, if you would prefer a more accurate dated information, Sunday morning ended with Adriatique. I liked his set, but to be brutally honest, I wasn’t staggered or something. To me it sounded quite dull. I have to mention that maybe my fatigue was an enormous “influencer”.

Sunday evening began with Nopame. I loved’em. Their tribal house set moved every single muscle of me dancing throughout their full gig. They played on the Nightowl Stage, which I previously told you that sounded staggering. I was quite lazy and the rain already ruined my plans so the only artists I have seen on Sunday were L’Enterloop. They were also my biggest pleasant surprise. I loved their set. Unfortunatelly, though, I was lazy enough and soaking wet enough to loose Looptroop Rockers. Shame on me.

All in all I enjoyed this year’s edition of Airfield Festival, I saw at least some of my favourite artists and I was glad that this festival is growing up beautifully and they learned from their previous “mistakes”. I am keen on into seeing the next year’s edition, because I am pretty sure that it’ll be even better. See you next year, dear Airfield!

P.S: As I got you guys used to, here’s a song that I’m playing on repeat after the festival have ended.