Just like each of the past three years, by the end of August I reach a place up North in Romania, called Durusa. There happens what I like to call “my favourite festival”. I know as a festival I probably should’t have these kind of thoughts or impressions and try to stay as objective as possible, but I honestly can’t. That place for me is heaven. “Why?” you might ask. Mainly because of the freedom feeling that the place gives you. No it isn’t some kind of crazy Woodstock ’69 kind of freedom and it is quite the opposite. I’ve never saw someone wasted or doing not even almost-retarded kind of things. The freedom I am talking about is that feeling of being on top of the hills having a view of Baia Mare city from 30 kilometres away and enjoying a glass of that good ol’ palinka that I actually wrote about in my previous article on my experience at Durusa.

On the other hand, the music. That groovy house music blends like a charm with the environment, with the people, with the feelings you encounter over there. But guess what I am not the only one who believes that. Every year you can recognise the people from the past editions. Another thing that I absolutelly love is the fact that Durusa is not that kind of ultra-hyper-crowded festival. Maybe that’s why they called it Friendstival last year? Because all in all it is like a party between friends, only there are almost 600-1000, let’s say. I’m not very good at measuring crowds, sorry if I am not accurate.

But I said partying on fast forward in the title, ‘aight? Oh, well that because I stayed only on Saturday night and Sunday ’till the afternoon because there were an incoming storm warning and the party would have been crashed anyway. That is, and I strongly believe it, my biggest regret for this year. Like for the entire year, by now.

Regarding the line-up and sets I could listen, I’d say that I was quite lucky to catch Danaga on the second stage. Oh, dear me,  I forgot to mention that this year Durusa Summerhills have grown with an another stage. It was placed close to the woods somewhere behind that graffiti wall, for those of you who attended last year’s edition. I’d say that this stage were more into house music.

On the other hand, I also listened DJ Steve playing… psy-trance. Yup! Psy-trance, Sunday morning around 9am, which made me wonder: is this the new big thing?

That being said, I can barely wait for Durusa Summerhills’ next edition.

P.S: I love you.