I would like to begin this article by mentioning the fact that, currently, Durusa Summerhills, since last year when I firstly interacted with it, is my favourite festival. Why? There are plenty of reasons but the most important one is that it makes you feel like you just have entered in some kind of wonderland. First, you walk through an abandoned-ish village. A maramuresanian village. Then, you arrive on a field, up on the hill, decorated with magnificent lights and visuals like mapping on random placed wooden doors. After the visual impact, kicks in the booze. They have, at the bar, some kind of magic liquor stronger than absinth and it is some kind of palinka. This fire water is called “horinca”.

But this festival is not for everyone. If you’re into techno/house/garage music and you are that type of person who loves socialising and making new friends, then you’re rather welcomed. Elsewhere, you might not get the point. This event is also for nice people with good vibes who are not looking for chaos and brain-destruction. I haven’t seen wasted people even though, as I told you earlier, you can drink a 70-something percent of alcohol drink whenever you want, whatever you want.
Interesting enough, though, is the fact that even though there weren’t thousands of thousands of people, the festival had pretty much foreign visitors.
This year, the makers of the festival have had a rather interesting concept: they decided to make a “frendstival”. What that means? It means that it has been a festival made by a bunch of friends for bunches of friends who are supposed to become friends too. Therefore, I decided I should make some noiz new friends too, so I randomly started to talk to people. This is how it actually went:


This guy told me that he likes Durusa Summerhills because of the balanced combination between the feeling of freedom and the fact that you can properly relax and just hang around all-day feeling just like you’re on vacation.

This other guy told me that he brought his military clothes because he believes that a special event, like this festival, deserves a special outfit.

The girl in the picture, even though she gave me a psycho-look for this shot, was really friendly and she told me that she can barely wait for Danaga’s set. She also told me that he has a special approach to techno.

I talked for like 15 minutes to this dude. I asked him if he can tell me the difference between palinka and horinca and he finally cleared it up for me: it’s almost the same thing, it’s just people name it differently in different areas of the country.

This guy is Danaga, and I talked to him, after his set, about the music he have played and some future projects. I really liked his set. He played some techno influenced by local traditional music.

I also hung around with some local youngsters and they told me about their local traditions and myths. I found out that in Maramures, when teenagers turn 18, they have a party like a wedding, renting a restaurant, with guests and stuff. They also told me that they like this festival because they gather for a sip and have the opportunity to hang around till late, listening to good music. They also love Durusa Summerhills because it happens in their village



Musically speaking, I was keen on hearing Dannilov’s set, because last year I had a great time listening too his music at Durusa and I was following him lately so I was very interested in. That’s why!


Summing these up, you realize that this festival has something special and gives you the feeling of attending an exclusive event, “pour les connoisseurs” and that’s what I love about Durusa Summerhills.