Chronic Love festival has ended. Obviously. That’s why I am writing this review. But I’m quite sad about that because it was one of the most immersive and intense festival experiences I’ve had. I’m saying all of this, without the purpose of bragging, because I was part of the staff and I’m ought to say that this was quite an overwhelming fact. Actually, the reason I am pulling off this article so late is because I was kept busy part by the festival’s aftermath and part because I laid low in order to write something as objective as possible.

First things first, Chronic Love is a festival for techno ravers, held on Magura Aerodrome, next to Sibiu. In Cisnadie, to be more precise. The line-up for this first edition was made out of Romanian artists like Herodot, Suciu, Arapu, Gescu and many others.

Now, about the experience. Mainly I got a Chronic Fatigue because I was keen on seeing and listening to all of the artists. The line-up which was sooo good. (No, KFC did not sponsored this article :D). Also I’m ought to say that the mornings were blissful. So many happy people dancing in the sunrise. I’d rather believe that this was a festival more about the sunrise. Definitely, that was the climax. When the sun was going up.

In the first day of the festival there were not so many people, fact which led to a family gathering feeling. I knew almost everybody and they were quite excited by the decorations and, of course, by the way the sound system was banging. It was a staggering Funktion One brought by Want Sound?.

Speaking of climax, I can say that in the second day everybody went bonkers on Herodot’s set. He played a three-hours set, basically creating some kind of soundtrack for the sun, encouraging it to show us its rays and bring on some of its warmth.

My personal climax, though, happened in the third night, during Vlad Ivva’s gig. She played some psychedelic, laid back vibes. The feeling was different sounds were coming out of everywhere, flowing around and within you. I loved her set. For sure.

It wouldn’t be a complete festival experience without a tune to haunt my headphones, played over and over again. I’m speaking about Fabian Maze vs. Nicu Alifantis – Floare la Rever which was played mid-day by Gyx and Armnd. To be honest I still don’t know which of the guys pressed the play button for this song because they were in a B2B set.

In the end, I can say that I will be waiting impatiently for next Chronic Love and I leave you with the song I talked about in the paragraph above.