Starting this month, #MakeSomeNoiz and BlaBlaCar teamed up in order to provide transportation solutions for the festival goers.

That means, from now on, whenever you will visit a festival’s page on #MakeSomeNoiz you should check the transportation tab. You will find there people like you, festival goers, that are driving from your city straight into the festival. How awesome is that?! To be more precise, we talked to Dan Oros, BlaBlaCar’s Romanian representative. Now, look what he said about this partnership:

We are happy to partner with #MakeSomeNoiz in order to provide a better travel experience to the events promoted by them. BlaBlaCar connects drivers and passengers going to the same direction, and the trip is always more fun when that direction is a festival. #MakeSomeNoiz website does not only help users find and learn about the most interesting festivals, but, by integrating our platform, it also allows them to travel in a covenient way with trusted BlaBlaCar members that have similar music preferences

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a BlaBlaCar account here, and start searching for rides to your favourite festival!

P.S: There are 3 upcoming festivals, next weekend so go ahead and give it a try, but only if you aren’t in the city that hosts the event.